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tv   News  Al Jazeera  April 4, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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only on al jazeera america ♪ the u.s. promises working on a peace deal despite another setback. ♪ i'm elizabeth and you are watching al jazeera live from doha and ahead chad withdraws peace keepers from the central african republican after accused of helping rebels. and al jazeera meets former foreign minister and alleged espionage on twitter and u.s. accused of using social media for political decent in cuba.
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♪ u.s. secretary of state john kerry urged israeli and palestinian leaders to prevent the collapse of peace negotiation and the israeli government cancelled the planned release of a group of palestinian prisoners and made the decision after the palestinian renewed efforts at u.n. correspondent stephanie decker is joining us live from jerusalem and a few weeks out from the deadline do you think it was ever a realistic timeline, are the two sides any closer now than when the first round of peace talks some nine months ago? >> well, no one one commentator said it looks like they have gone back ten years and i think the u.s. secretary of state john kerry had the right intention
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but it was very unrealistic to think in nine months we could overcome miss trust, animosity that stretches back decades. the point that we are at now none of the main issues have been addressed even and it's being so difficult. i mean the palestinians will tell you they think the americans are not putting enough pressure on israel to get them to deliver on their promises and there is another school of thought that says perhaps the americans don't have the leverage with israel to actually make them do what is needed to make the talks move forward, one palestinian official says let's talk borders. it must be a starting point because at the moment it is still talking about talks about a framework when none of the real key issues or status issues that would lead to a to-state solution have been dressed. >> the reality on the ground over the past nine months more settlement building, near destruction of palestinian homes
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and most recently more cross border attacks. >> yes, i think this is something that the palestinians will tell you shows to them that the israelis aren't serious about a two-state solution. these talks are just about managing it, about prolonging it, about managing the occupation, settlement activity doubled in the last nine months during these talks as did home demolitions. here in east jerusalem in the jordan valley in the west bank. so there is no hope. if you speak to the ordinary person the street they do not think the talks will lead to anything and i think that is something the palestinians are stressing that is key to this is settlement activity must be halted while these talks are ongoing because the demographics are changing, land is changing, if you look at a map of this region from 1947 to now you will see how much land has actually
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been lost and many people will tell you that they actually makes the reality of a palestinian state completely unviable. >> thank you very much for that, stef, that is stephanie decker joining us from jerusalem. to other news and chad is preparing to withdraw 850 peace keepers from the central african republic and the government says it's pulling out because of a malicious campaign against its troops. they are accused of killing civilians and supporting muslim rebels. chad sold sgers are part of an african union peace keeping mission aimed at stabilizing the conflict in the central african republic and we have more from chad's capitol. >> the 6,000 peace keeping troops which are on the ground in central african republic have been unable to stop the killing so losing more peace keeping troops in central african republic is not what is needed, what is needed is more. losing 850 chad troops is not a
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good thing. and in addition to that the european union and the u.n. have been having difficulty finding funds and gaining it seems apparently sufficient interest to get the funds to have enough peace keeping forces on the ground. the echl u has barely been able to get together a thousand so losing keep keeping forces on the ground is not what is needed and that is what people feel here in chad. chad is feeling very upset the fact they have been accused of these things which they categorically denied they have been supporting seleka and they really feel that they are doing this as a protest. >> two journalists have been killed in eastern afghanistan ahead of presidential elections on saturday, president karzai is encouraging people not to be intimated by the rising violence, taliban meanwhile wants afghanistans to stay away from the vote, 1-10 polling stations is expected to be
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closed. former minister is one of the leading candidates. he is favored by the current president karzai and jane ferguson went to meet him. ♪ even those hoping to roam this country can't travel its roads. this presidential candidate's help helicopter lands two hour drive from the capitol, a journey considered too dangerous for him. previously foreign minister he is seen as president karzai's chosen successor and that support however could also come with a legacy of corruption linked to this government. the karzai government has -- will be very well-known for a long time for levels of corruption and you were a part of that government, what will you do differently? >> i'm not involved in
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corruption issues and the fact i have been involved i know what is happening. i know which kind of thing we should do to correct that. i want to put this experience that i got and keep with the lack of government and the service of afghan people. >> while he was foreign minister karzai refused to sign a bilateral security agreement with u.s. allowing some foreign troops to remain in the country throwing relations with the u.s. into crisis. >> fundamental of relation of afghan and united states is solid. we have problems. problems happen with friends. i was personally involved on drafting it from afghan side with my other colleague. i believe that the national interest of afghanistan has been respected in that and in the interest of afghanistan and the united states. and i'm hopeful that this is over soon. >> in the city speeches are heard by thousands of locals
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including supporters of war lords. of the 8 men running for president he is one of only 3 to have a female vice president. but like political campaigns the world over, image and protocol mold themselves to campaign locations. in the capitol candidates like him want to present themselves as the future of a modern afghan state, but in reality when they travel to the provinces to areas like this, 13 years since the fall of the taliban, there is not a single woman in this crowd. he was educated in europe's finest schools and worked at the highest levels of the afghan government. his legacy as a descendent of the old royal family is seen as an asset in the eyes of many afghans. as a candidate he will be seen as a vote for continuity and if they want the same style of government then he stands a very strong chance of leading it.
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jane ferguson, al jazeera, afghanistan. >> south korea says it recovered the bodies of two north korean sailors in the water and a ship with crew members on board sank off the coast on friday and three rescued and the search for 11 others is continuing. flash flooding killed 16 people and displaced more than 10,000. aid was saying the number of dead is 40 missing and the entire community in the pacific ocean islands was swept away when the main river burst banks and heavy rain is threatening more flood damage. under want search for the missing malaysia air lien jet started but time is running out, 14 aircraft and nine ships are searching the indian ocean for the boeing 777, locating devices are behind ships looking for signals from the black box recorders but the batteries last
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30 days and it had 239 people on board went missing 27 days ago. human rights watchers calling on the malaysia police to explain the deaths of hundreds in custody and accuses them of blocking and torture and use of force and allegations the government denies and we went to meet one grieving family in kuala lumpor. >> he was dead 15 months ago and they are struggling to come to terms with their loss and witnesses say policemen were part of the gang that killed him yet not one officer has been brought to account. and she rarely talks about her son's murder and thought about killing herself. >> translator: i don't know why my son was killed. i'm still waiting for an answer. the police killed him.
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i can't accept my son as dead. i cannot eat. i cannot sleep. >> reporter: and he is waiting for answers too. two years ago his brother was gunned down by a group of plain clothed police and said he was a gang member armed with a machete and the rising number of deaths in custody as a result of police shootings in malaysia all lrmed human rights activists and they cataloged 400 shooting deaths since 2000 and over 20 0 deaths in custody and lack of transparency in the police is causing miss trust among the public. the group also says police officers who are responsible for abuses are almost never prosecuted. >> you do have a police force that is out of control. it is an indictment of a police culture of cover up, of impunity that really needs to be dealt with by the highest political
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levels in malaysia. >> reporter: human rights watch says independent oversight is needed of the police to end what it calls cover ups, secrecy and obstruction into abuses and al jazeera asked the police to comment on the report's findings but we received no response. human rights workers say the problem in malaysia is the close relationship between police and the government that has been in power for over 50 years. and the accusation is while the police are there to maintain law an order, they are also acting to maintain things the way the government wants things maintained and i'm stephanie with al jazeera. >> more ahead including heading for the hills in chile as after shocks cause a new alert following tuesday's earthquake and the libya government is facing an up hill battle in controlling the oil reserves.
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♪ good to have you with us and these are the top stories on al jazeera, u.s. secretary of state john kerry urged israeli and palestinian leaders to prevent peace negotiations from cancelling and they cancelled a group of palestinian presidents following palestinian pursuit of u.n. regular nation and chad will withdraw peace keepers from the central african republic accused of killing civilians and siding with a rebel group.
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libya government is refusing to comment on talks with rebels about ending an oil blockade and the government is struggling to control armed groups who seized several oil facilities from the libya capital tripoli andrew simmons reports. >> reporter: a hero return from the leader of a plot, this man led a raid to steal the morning glory tanker along with a cargo of crude oil worth up to $30 million. and not only did he and two other gunmen invade the libya navy and forced the crew to sale in international waters of off cyprus they survived a raid by u.s. navy seal whose arrested them. the morning glory was brought back to libya and now the tanker thieves have been freed in what appears to be a tradeoff. >> translator: they have risked their lives to stand up for them and this is a very historic moment. >> reporter: and he is the eastern region of libya and the leader of a rebel movement that
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lists autonomy and bigger share of libya oil wealth among demands. since the summer malitia is in control of the region's oil terminals and the blockade is a catastrophe for libya economy costing billions of dollars in lost revenue. now government believe they are close to a peace deal and the release of the men who stole the oil tanker is being described as a good-will gesture. it doesn't seem that way by all members of a libyan government that is divided and at times dysfunctional. this man is outraged and standing in for defense minister who is filling in for the prime minister and he was sacked and had to leave the country after failing to get the tanker back from the rebels. >> translator: quick release of the people will result in a very big void between the revolutionarys and judicial system in libya and it's not only a matter of oil it's a plot to divide the country and i think when it's of this
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magnitude it will not be solved peacefully, military is the only option now. >> reporter: but three years after libya revolution what is the military option? the army is dwarfed in size and power by malitia which are flurishing and political instability is increasing. some in the leadership obviously are prepared to make bigger concessions to get the oil flowing again but is there an answer? the answer is likely know, andrew simmons al jazeera pripel e. >> reporter: they have taken to the streets of egypt and answering the call of an anti-coup alliance to hold a week of protest and the removal of president mohamed morsi in june was legitimate and they will vote for a new president at the end of may. and al jazeera is demanding the release of journalists who have now been held in a prison in egypt for 9 seven days. the trial of peter greste and
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fahmy and mohamed is adjourned and a fourth journalist is detained without trial since last august and al jazeera rejects all the charges. antigovernment protesters and police have clashed in the bahrain capitol and demonstrators held bombs following a funeral procession in a muslim area of the city and security forces responded by firing tear gas and happened one day before the country hosts the formula one race. antigovernment protests resulted in the cancellation of the event in 2011. now the commander of the largest army base in the u.s. says the soldier who went on a shooting rampage may have had an argument before he opened fire. ivan lopez killed three fellow soldiers in texas and took his own life on thursday. and roslyn jordan reports from
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washington d.c. >> come back immediately. >> reporter: nearly 24 hours after shots rang out at fort hood, texas an answer to one of the key questions about the masked shooting, who was the killer. >> we have positively identified and we are able to release as next of kin have been notified the alleged shooter specialist ivan a lopez. he is 3 four-years-old. originally from puerto rico. >> reporter: they cannot confirmed lopez argued with someone before opening fire on fellow soldiers on two buildings on base and killing himself. three other soldiers were killed, 13 more are still in hospital. the military confirmed lopez suffered from depression and anxiety and was being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder and served in iraq and spend a year in sinai with the puerto rico national guard. the fort hood shooting is the third on a u.s. military installation in the last 8 months.
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computer consultant killed four people at the washington navy yard last september. and just a couple of weeks ago a sailor was killed at the navy station in norfolk and should the military lift the ban on personal guns on base? >> we have a population well over 100,000 here and it's not realistic to do a pat down search on every soldier and employee for a weapon on a daily basis, that would be unrealistic. >> reporter: meantime hospitals are doing what they can for the skrired. >> the likelihood that somebody would have a difficult emotional response to that is high and so our job is going to be as they get well provide services and support and work closely with fort hood so they can get the kind of attention they need emotionally early on. >> reporter: the fort hood community is still grabingly with the memories of november 2009 when a base psychiatrist, army major hassan killed 13 people and injured many more.
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and experienced soldiers said they were more anxious this time to reunite with their loved ones. >> this time it's a little worse because i'm on the outside and they cannot be there for her on the inside. >> reporter: a memorial service will be held at fort hood in the coming week but the obama administration will have to do more to reassure the public it's looking for ways to prevent this from happening again. roslyn jordan al jazeera washington. >> there have been more after shocks in northern chile following an 8.2 earthquake on wednesday and we report from the hardest hit city when many people are sleeping outdoors for fear of their homes collapsing. >> a boat flying through the air in the port here. one of dozens of fishing vessels that can no longer float in the water. >> translator: we were 200 meters out on the dock when the earthquake struck crashing the boat on the peer and now my arms are crossed and i cannot work to feed my family. >> reporter: in fact no one is
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out fishing. the port is closed and in any case there is no ice to keep the catch fresh i'm told. it's been three days since a massive earthquake brought the port city of nearly half a million people to a stand still and patients is beginning to wear thin. this water is good enough for the toilet this woman complains. nearby we discover hundreds of merchants who regularly come to the tax-freeport for the day to buy merchandise are now stranded, many penniless. the only road to the border is blocked by a landslide. >> translator: i've never had this experience before. we don't have earthquakes in bolivia. i want to go home. >> reporter: there are hundreds of after shocks, at least one almost as strong as the earthquake and so residents of this neighborhood are taking to the hills. and he shows us the structural
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damage to his flat, the worst is in his son's bedroom. >> translator: we are sleeping outside in a tent. we are afraid the flat will collapse on top of us because the pillars on the building and bed is too dangerous. >> reporter: thousands of homes are damaged. the government is just beginning to assess the destruction and plan a strategy to help the victims. no longer willing to wait for the road to open, these people are starting to walk to the border, 450 kilometers away. and i'm with al jazeera. >> panama and mexico signed a free trade economic at a foreign meeting in panama city that paves the way for the small country to join what is known as the pacific alliance trade block allowing it to join other countries as a commercial hub to asia and both governments need to ratify the treaty. u.s. government has defended its creation of a social media
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network in cuba and denied the twitter like communication network is a move to undermine the communist government and we have the latest from the capital havana. >> reporter: it's no secret young cubans crave access to social media enjoyed by those and the rest of the world and a new report claims us achl id want to ex loit this by a service similar to twitter. according to the associated press, it was done through a complicated system of front companies set up abroad to hide it from the cuban authorities. nothing sinister says washington. >> this was not an intelligence program. this was an effort, one of a variety of efforts that the united states engages in as part of its development mission to promote the flow of free information. to promote engagement by citizens of countries and in cities that are nonpermissive.
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>> reporter: the idea is to build strong customer base using noncontroversial material before launching more politically provocative measures and the first test was in havana in 2009 at the peace concert by the colombian singer. they were unaware the scheme was funded by the u.s. and represented in havana in the absence of diplomatic relations by this section. cubans would say there is nothing new in u.s. efforts to under mine its government but the scope of these revelations goes beyond anything we have seen in resent years. the pressure on the u.s. presence here has suddenly grown dramatically. and cuban slang for the noise a humming bird makes was set up after an employee leaked half a million customer records from one of the most tightly-controlled communication systems in the world. >> it's one more example of what has been going on for 50 years.
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the u.s. is so obsessed with cuba it cannot stop trying to over throw it and trying to bring what it calls democracy. >> reporter: usaid found it's difficult to find suitable partners as the service grew and the funding of the scheme pay millions of dollars to the authorities that are allegedly trying to under mine became unsustainable and by the middle of 2012 it disappeared. but the political damage caused by these revelations will linger for a while longer. danielle with al jazeera havana, cuba. >> the fire was spread in one of brazil's shanty towns left over all thousand people homeless with little money and a shortage of housing and they have no where to go and gabriel reports from south palo. >> reporter: he and his wife patricia gaze out at all that is left of their home which is not miss and a fire swept through the shanty town where they lived
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and they grabbed what they could before the entire area was over taken by flames. >> translator: we had a small shack with bathroom, bedroom and a kitchen all in one space and i managed to save my refrigerator, stove, clothes, my cat and kids so at least i have a little hope. >> reporter: this is what they are up against, the intensity of the flames was too much, it took hundreds of firefighters more than two hours to put down the blaze. a day later homeless residents mill around with no where to go. no one was killed but to children suffered severe burns. this fire destroyed everything in its past. more than 400 homes have burned to the ground and more than 1200 people have now been left homeless. they are now sleeping under a bridge, and few possessions remain. the homes in the area shanty towns are made of fly wood and
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cardboard and closely packed together and can catch fire and spread in a matter of seconds. to try to help the city of south palo invested tens of millions of dollars to tear down some slums and build new low-income housing such as this. but there is still an estimated housing shortage of nearly 600,000 homes in the city leaving many worker families no choice but to live in sub standard conditions and face the fire risks. and he lost everything and said the city offered her and others the ecclents of $140 each to find new housing. it's not enough she says. >> translator: we don't want small amounts of money thrown at us. we want a dignifyed place to live and a home to take my kids to. i can work for money but i can't afford housing. >> reporter: nearby he was given something to eat, the first meet in more than a day and shares it with his children. and in these difficult times the
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only certainty is he will have no other choice but to move to another shanty town in the same condition where a threat of another deadly fire will most certainly file, al jazeera south palo. >> that story and the rest of the day's news can all be found on our website. every citizen gets one vote in america, but now the very rich get something else the chance to spend a lot more money on political campaigns. also gm's failure to recall cars with a known deflect, indefensible, reprehensible, and we might be able to add another word, criminal. i'll tell you why. plus the battle lines are drawn on a midwest college campus. i'll tell you what is at stake.


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